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Price Drop For Commercial LPG Cylinders By Rs 171.50; View New Prices Here

Petroleum and oil marketing businesses have once again reduced the cost of commercial LPG cylinders. According to the most recent revisions, these costs have been reduced by Rs 171.50, greatly relieving customers, according to ANI.

The cost of a 19 kilogramme commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi is now Rs 1856.50, according to the updated prices. It should be emphasised that the cost of home LPG cylinders has not changed and that the tariffs in place after the previous revisions remain unchanged.

“Oil marketing companies have revised the prices of commercial LPG petrol cylinders,” states the official tweet from ANI. With effect from today, the cost of 19 KG commercial LPG gas cylinders has been reduced by Rs 171.50. From today, a 19 kilogramme commercial LPG cylinder would cost Rs 1856.50 in Delhi: Source.

Aside from Delhi, Kolkata will now charge Rs 1960.50 for a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder instead of the previous Rs 2132.00. This cylinder will now cost Rs 1808 in Mumbai instead of Rs 1980, and Rs 2021 in Chennai rather than the previous Rs 2192.

Prior to this rate reduction, on April 1, 2023, the petroleum and oil marketing organisations dropped the price of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 91.50 per unit. Prior to these subsequent price cuts, these businesses raised the cost of commercial LPG cylinders on March 1.

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